Southern Regional College are serious about United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

Southern Regional College is committed to serious change.  The College’s Chief Executive Brian Doran has signed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Accord; an initiative allied to the college and university sector which seeks to advance the role education has in delivering solutions to the biggest problems faced by the world.

By signing the Accord, the College has made a commitment to share learnings made with other institutions, both nationally and internationally. The College will report annually on progress made towards achieving goals, ensuring the College remains transparent in efforts to evoke real change.  Reports will be shared annually with the UN’s High Level Political Forum, ensuring supervision at the top level.

In signing up to become part of this initiative, Southern Regional College is also demonstrating its commitment to achieving one of the key pillars in the Department for the Economy’s 10 X Skills Strategy.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of seventeen goals covering areas from climate and our planet; poverty and inequality; justice and human rights, to gender equality.  These goals form the centre of United Nation’s 2030 Agenda.  This agenda requires all UN Member States to play their part in finding solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges. 

We each have a role to play in effecting change, and the College strives to encourage all staff and students to take personal responsibility in changing the world around us. Real change only seems impossible until it has occurred! 

The College is the latest signatory of a global movement involving over 300 institutions, with hopefully many more to come.

Brian Doran, Principal & CEO of Southern Regional College commented:

“The Southern Regional College has signed the SDG Accord to confirm its commitment to being a sustainable college. We are already undertaking some excellent work in this area and signing the SDGs Accord is a logical step in ensuring that we contribute to the Further Education sector’s responsibility for achieving these goals. We hope to spread awareness and convey the importance of the UN SDGs both within the college, the FE sector and to the wider community.”